Parachute Operations

Many airports in Helsinki FIR accommodate parachute operations. Please read this document carefully, if intended to control a parachute aircraft in controlled airspace.


Parachute operations are mainly found at airports, where a defined parachute landing area has been defined on the AD chart:

Picture from AIP Finland

At least the following airports does have a defined parachute landing area:

EFTU - Turku
EFUT - Utti (Military)
EFVA - Vaasa
EFOU - Oulu

General information

Parachute flights are usually operating VFR between 3000ft and FL130 inside the TMA.
Parachute flights may operate with the same flight plan multiple drops during the day, without refiling.

Parachute operations will be restricted in accordance with other traffic. The following flights always take priority over all (non-military) parachute operations:

  • an aircraft in an emergency;
  • an aircraft avoiding a weather phenomenon dangerous to flights;
  • quick reaction alert flights (QRA missions);
  • flights designated with STS indicators FFR/HEAD/HOSP/MEDEVAC/SAR/STATE;
  • scheduled IFR commercial flights.

Phraseology for parachute operations in Finland (ENG)

There is no specific phraseology for parachute operations. Since the phraseology is not prescribed, other words and ordinary spoken Finnish or English language is used.

There are several alternative ways of saying certain things. The phrases presented here have been chosen in a way that fits best the Finnish air traffic control methods and is in line with the Finnish-language parachute phraseology.

Predeparture Clearance

Oulu Tower, OHCVE, C182, POB 4. Two students from 5000 feet and a master from flight level 100. Information M, 1004. Request taxi.

OHCVE, taxi to holding point E runway 30. Cleared Oulu Control Zone and Terminal Area, North and East sectors, upper limit FL100. Squawk 2567.

Takeoff Clearance

OVE, Wind 300 degrees, 4 knots, runway 30 cleared for takeoff. Right turn.

Runway 30 cleared for takeoff, OVE.

Parachute drop

OVE, ready for parachute drop in two minutes. Will drop two students from 5000 feet.

OVE, drop approved. After drop East sector, join right base runway 30.

In the example above, after drop, the captain will descend in the eastern part of the TMA, and when ready, join the VFR traffic circuit. A report needs to be made after every drop by the captain.

Cancelling of parachute drop clearance

Drop clearance cancelled, …

Parachute Operations within Helsinki Control AoR

Use of English language is mandatory above flight level 95.

Helsinki Control, OHCVE, passing flight level 60, request climb to flight level 140, parachute drop and descent.

OVE, Helsinki Control, radar contact. Continue climb to flight level 140. Drop and descent approved.

Climb to flight level 140. Drop and descent approved, OVE.

The captain is allowed to descent below controlled airspace only after approval for descent. It is not required for the captain to inform ATCO during drop. However, leaving controlled airspace (through flight level 95) will be reported.

OVE, drop complete, passing flight level 95.

OVE, radar service terminated. Frequency change approved.

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