Helsinki FIR Letter of Agreements

The following Letter of Agreements (LoA:s) should be used to the extent possible to achieve a high level of uniformity in respect of local operational requirements throughout the Nordic Region.

Letter of Agreement
Version no
Publication Date
Inserted By
Helsinki (EFIN) <=> Sweden (ESAA) 1.2 23/04/2020 n/a
Helsinki (EFIN) <=> Tallinn (EETT) 1.3 23/04/2020 n/a
Helsinki (EFIN) <=> Norway (ENOR) 1.2 23/04/2020 n/a
Helsinki (EFIN) <=> Sankt-Petersburg (ULLL) 1.2 23/04/2020 n/a
Helsinki (EFIN) <=> Murmansk (ULMM)      

Short term temporary deviations will not be laid down in the Letter of Agreement. Modifications resulting to a new Version Number are marked with revision lines.


The term "Not Applicable" will indicate that either an entire Annex or a particular paragraph does not apply.

In order to classify the strength of the operational requirements and principles laid down in the agreement, the following conventions are used:

  • The word "shall" or "must" denotes a mandatory requirement
  • The word "should" denotes a preferred requirement
  • The word "may" denotes an option
  • The word "will" denotes a statement of intent
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