Copenhagen Sector V is an all level sector covering the northern part of Copenhagen FIR. Sector V operates on 135.565 MHz.

The main tasks of sector V are:

  • En-route traffic in the northern part of Copenhagen FIR
  • Initial descend for Copenhagen arrivals via TESPI
  • Final climb for Copenhagen departures via MIKSI and GOLGA
  • Traffic to and from regional aerodromes, including Aalborg, Aarhus and Karup
  • Traffic to and from Gothenburg


The main conflict area in the sector is around Aalborg VOR (AAL), where many routes will typically converge. All flights to and from regional aerodromes must be individually coordinated with the local ATC units, which can cause a fairly high workload in case of a large amount of regional traffic.

When there is no local ATC at Billund, the Billund local airspace is covered by Sector S.

Sector V will usually be combined with Copenhagen Sectors N and S, and may also be combined with sectors A and C if all Copenhagen sectors are operated by a single controller.

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