Helsinki Sector L covers the eastern part of Finland FIR and operates on 136.650 MHz.


The main tasks of Sector L are:

  • Arriving traffic to Helsinki via VEPIN, LUSEP/NAPUN
  • Departing traffic from helsinki via TEVRU, IDEPI
  • En-route traffic
  • Traffic to and from regional TMA's

In addition to en-route traffic, Sector L handles traffic to and from a number of TMA's, including Jyväskylä. With the exception of Helsinki TMA, all TMA's in Finland have an upper limit of FL95. Departures from regional aerodromes require individually coordinateD clearances, which means that Sector L can get fairly busy when there is a lot of departing traffic in the sector.

Sector L is usually combined with sector J (EFIN_JL_CTR) or B and G (EFIN_BGL_CTR).

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