Rovaniemi (EFRO) is a small airport in the Northern Finland that serves a lot of traffic, especially during the winter season. It is famous for being the home airport of Santa Claus.

The airport has one runway (03/21) with a lenght of 3002 meters. 

Charts & Flight procedures
Click here to download aeronautical charts for Rovaniemi Airport.

Runway 21 is preferred during poor visibility, because it is the only runway equipped with ILS. However with clear skies and calm winds runway 03 can also be expected for traffic from South in order to decrease the flight time.

Pay attention while vacating that you do not vacate onto the military apron accidentally!

Prior pushback, pilots should request IFR clearance. The IFR clearance consists of: SID/Vector, 1st two segements of FPL, initial climb (normally requested CRZ FL) and squawk.

Parking positions
Stands 7 and 8 are preferred stands for civil aircraft as they are the only ones equipped with gateways. The area between stands 1 to 5 is normally used by the general aviation.

Addon scenery
The following addon sceneries are available for Rovaniemi Airport:
Rovaniemi X (FSX and P3D, freeware). Very high quality freeware. Instructions in the download package are in English!
FISD Rovaniemi (FS2004, freeware)
EFRO - Rovaniemi (X-Plane, payware)

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