Oulu (EFOU) is the 2nd busiest airport in Finland. The airport is located in Oulunsalo, about 11 kilometers southwest of Oulu. It handles a lot of domestic flights but also multiple non-scheduled holiday flights, military training flights and general aviation traffic.

Charts & Flight procedures

Click here to download the aeronautical charts for Oulu Airport.

Prior pushback, pilots should request IFR clearance. The IFR clearance consists of: SID/Vector, 1st two segements of FPL, initial climb (normally requested CRZ FL) and squawk. Example:

FIN2PD, Cleared to Helsinki, runway 12, direct MIKNU, M857, flight level 380, squawk 0214.

Runway 12 is preferred for commercial flights during night time (22.00-07.00). The recommendation does not apply to general aviation flight training. Runway 12 is also equipped with ILS, which is mostly used during low cloud layers or poor visibility. The ATCO will usually provide the possibility to expect both visual and ILS approach in good weather.

Parking positions
Stands 13 to 16 are preferred for commercial traffic, as they are the only ones equipped with gateways. Stand 16 is the only heavy stand available. General aviation will park on Apron 3.

Addon scenery
The following addon sceneries are available for Oulu Airport:
FISD EFOU - Oulu (FSX, FS2004, freeware)
EFOU Oulu Airport Finland (X-Plane, freeware)

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