Helsinki-Malmi (EFHF) is an uncontrolled aerodrome operated by a registered association Malmin lentokenttäyhdistys ry. Malmi has a special place among uncontrolled aerodromes in Finland due to its location and a high number of operations. This sets some special demands to both aerodrome operator and the flight operators, which shall be taken into account in all operations at Malmi. Remember to communicate your intentions on Unicom 122.800!

Charts & Flight procedures
Click here to download aeronautical charts for Helsinki-Malmi.

The aerodrome is located south of Helsinki airport. The aerodrome is surrounded by a Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ) which is class G airspace. Operations shall be conducted in accordance with the standard procedures described in this manual to avoid any dangerous situations and to take the noise abatement areas near the aerodrome into account.

Operations inbound and outbound Malmi aerodrome shall be conducted via waypoints DEGER, NOKKA and RASTI.

The eastern side of Apron 1 is not available for parking. The western side of Apron 1, Apron 2 and hangars are used for this purpose. The area between the threshold of closed runway 09 and Runway 18/36 may also be used for parking. Outside areas and helicopter landing sites near certain east-side hangars are parts of the aerodrome but may only be used by aircraft operating from or being serviced in the mentioned hangars.

Addon scenery
The following addon sceneries are available for Helsinki-Malmi:
FISD EFHF - Helsinki-Malmi (FS2004, FSX, Freeware)
TruScenery Helsinki-Malmi (X-Plane, payware)

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