Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) is the largest airport in Sweden and the third largest in the Nordic Region. The airport is the main base for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and is also served by Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAX), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), British Airways (BAW), Emirates (UAE) and Qatar Airways (QTR) to name a few. The airport has direct routes to 141 international destinations and 21 domestic destination.

The city of Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is known for its beautiful location where the Östersjöen and Mälarens meets which has made it possible to access other countries as well as domestic cities by boat

Charts & Flight procedures
Click here to download aeronautical charts for Arlanda

The airport has three runways (01L/19R, 01R/19L and 08/26), whereas two are parallel runways. The runway configuration at Stockholm-Arlanda has many different configurations when it comes to usage. For your arrival and departure planning please reference the table below.

Wind direction Condition Arrival runway Departure runway
280-350 IMC 01L Primary 08, secondary 01L
280-350 VMC 01L 08
280-350 2300-0600 (local) 01L 01L
350-100   01L 08
100-170   19R 08
170-280   26 19R
170-280 2300-0600 (local) 26 19L

When 08 is in use for departure, the SID from 08 will either be right turn or a left turn departure, and this is based on which runway that is in use for arrival. If one the 19 runways is used for arrivals while 08 is used for departures the SID will be a right turn. If one of the 01 runways is used for arrivals while 08 is used for departures, the SID will be a left turn. There is separate charts available for these departure procedures, study them carefully.

During high density situations the primary runways for arrivals and departures will be the parallel runways, where the western runway will be used for departures and the eastern runway will be used for arrival. To select the runway in use, one need to check the weather conditions. Click here for the latest METAR for Stockholm Arlanda.

The standard arrival routes at ESSA are based on DME/DME and GNSS. Your FMC should be able to follow STAR's at ESSA correctly. Do not proceed beyond IAF unless cleared by ATC. ESSA also offers RNAV arrivals, but these are used primarily at night and on ATC discretion only. Do not expect to be assigned a RNAV star when approaching ESSA. Please study the approach charts carefully as there is level restrictions on the arrival. When approaching the IAF, ATC will provide vectors to final.

Initial climb on SID's from all runways are 5000ft

Unlike many other airports in Nordic Region, your flightplan clearence will be preceeded by the phrase ''Start up approved''. This does not mean you can pushback from the gate, as this will require a separate clearence.

Parking positions
The below table can be used as a general guideline for choosing parking positions at the airport.

Gate Usage Example airlines and types
1-10, 11-16 Medium jets, Schengen AUA, DLH, NAX, SAS, VKG, BLX
17-20 Medium jets, non-Schengen NAX, VKG, BLX
31-44 Medium jets, domestic NAX, SAS
52-61 Medium/light props, domestic NTJ, PHX
62-66 Medium jets, Schengen, non-Star Alliance AFR, BER, FIN, KLM, NTJ, NLY, VLG
67-69 Medium jets, non-Schengen, non-Star Alliance BAW, 
F gates Medium/heavy, Schengen and non-Schengen SAS, THA, UAE, 
G gates Props WIF, SAS
H, J, K gates Hangar/maintanence area  
L gates Helicopters  
M gates De-Icing. Can be used for remote stands if required  
R gates Cargo - Jet aircraft  
S gates Cargo - prop aircraft  

Addon scenery

The following addon sceneries are available for Oslo Gardermoen:
Aerosoft Mega Airport Stockholm (FSX & FS9)
SwedFlight Pro (FS9)
Patch for SwedFlight Pro (FSX)
ESSA Stockholm (X-Plane 10)

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