Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) is largest airport in Norway and the second largest in the Nordic Region. The airport is served by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAX), Wideroe (WIF), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), British Airways (BAW), Emirates (UAE), Qatar Airways (ATR) and Thomas Cook (VKG) to name a few. The airport has scheduled direct routes to 106 international destinations and 29 domestic destinations as well as 51 charter destinations.

The city of Oslo is the capital of Norway and is known as the Tiger City (Tigerstaden). It is believed that this reference dates back to the 1870 and as a tribute to this several statues of tigers were placed in front of the city hall in 2000.

Charts & Flight procedures
Click here to download aeronautical charts for Gardermoen.

The airport has two runways (01L/19R and 01R/19L). The right runways (01R & 19R) are the primary runways for arrival while the left runways (01L & 19L) are the primary runways for departure.

During high density situations both runways will be in use for arrival and departures. In this situation, domestic traffic will land and depart on the western runway (01L/19R) while international traffic will land and depart on the eastern runway (01R/19L). The runway selection is primarily based on METAR and TAF. Click here for the latest METAR for Oslo Gardermoen.

The standard arrival routes at ENGM are RNAV1 based on GNSS and Point Merge. Your FMC should be able to follow STAR's at ENGM correctly. Please study the approach charts carefully as there are notes regarding descent planning, speed restrictions and direct routings on the approach. As default, maintain 250KIAS from the first STAR point and expect a direct routing to a Merging Point(MP)/Initial Approach Fix (IAF) or the Intermediate Fix (IF) at any time while on the STAR. When approaching the MP/IAF/IF and the ATC gives you a clearence for approach you shall follow the procedure, adhering to published descent and speed constraints.

Make sure to pay attention as you receive your landing clearence from Tower. Tower may include your parking position along with your clearence to land, and if so happens you are expected to vacate at the appropriate runway exit. After landing you will be instructed to contact Ground.

Initial climb on SID's from all runways are 7000ft, except for PROP SID's which are to 4000ft.

Parking positions
The below table can be used as a general guideline for choosing parking positions at the airport.

Gate Usage Example airlines and types
2, 3, 7, 10, 12, 14 Domestic, prop WIF, LTR - Dash 8
9-15, 16-26 Domestic, medium jets SAS, NAX - B737
171-178 Domestic, medium jets and props SAS, NAX - B737
76-92 Domestic, medium jets and props WIF, LTR, SAS, - Dash8 / B737
38-46, 39-45 Schengen, medium jets SAS, NAX, - B737
47, 48, 49 Non-schengen, medium jets BAW, VKG, NAX - A320
50, 51, 53 Non-schengen, heavy jets UAE, QTR, NAX, - B777 / B787
181-188 International, medium jets and props WIF, NAX, SAS - Dash 8 / B737
201-208 Cargo KAL, FDX, DHL - B747, B757, A300,
311-319 General aviation All types
320-329 General aviation, remote parking All types
330-337 General aviation, light VFR, flight club

Addon scenery

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