Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH) is the capital airport of Denmark, and the busiest airport in the Nordic Region. The airport serves as a hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAX), and many other airlines help connect it to every part of the world.

Kastrup is famous for its over-water approach path from which you can see the ├śresund Bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark. The bridge is modelled nicely in most of the major flight simulator sceneries.

Charts & Flight procedures
Click here to download aeronautical charts for Kastrup.

Using runway 12/30 is restricted due to noise - the parallel runways should always be used. You should land on the left runways (04L or 22L) and takeoff from the right runway (04R or 22R).

The standard arrival routes at EKCH are non-rnav. Your FMC will not be able to follow STAR's at EKCH correctly. You have to read the charts carefully, or, if you do not have charts, advise ATC that you need vectors.

After landing, remain on tower frequency. Tower will give you initial taxi and tell you when to switch to apron.

Initial climb on SID's from is FL70 runway 04R/22R and 4000ft from runway 12/30

Parking positions
The below table can be used as a general guideline choosing parking positions at the airport.

Gate Usage Example airlines and types
 A18-A23 Medium jets, Schengen KLM, AFR, NAX
 A4-A8, A12-A17 Medium jets, Schengen, non-Star Alliance BER, SWR, BEL
A7-A11 Medium/light props, domestic DTR, SAS - ATR 42/72
B gates Medium jets, Schengen SAS, NAX, DLH
C10 Heavy, Schengen  
C39 Super heavy UAE - A380
Other C-gates Medium/heavy, non-Schengen BAW, SAS, NAX
D1-D4 Medium jets, virtual airlines Fictional carriers (VAs)
F1-F9 Medium jets, low price carriers EZY, RYR, TRA
F89-F98 Props WIF - Dash 8
H-gates Long term parking, VIP  
E-gates Hangar/maintainence area  


Addon scenery
The following addon sceneries are available for Copenhagen:
FlyTampa Copenhagen (FSX and P3D)
ScanSim fly to EKCH Copenhagen (FS9)
Swedflight Copenhagen/Kastrup (X-Plane 10)

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