Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK) is the capital airport of Finland. The airport serves as a hub for Finnair (FIN), Nordic Regional Airlines (FIN), Norwegian Air International (IBK), Jet Time (JTG), TUIfly Nordic (BLX) and CityJet (BCY). Helsinki-Vantaa is known for its fast connections between Europe and Asia.

Charts & Flight procedures
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ATC clearance from Helsinki will consist of runway, clearance limit, departure route, SSR code (and EOBT).

Finnair 123, runway 22R, cleared to Oulu, TEVRU 1N departure, squawk 3611.

Initial climb on SID's is 4000ft.

When conducting a visual approach, maintain at or above 2000ft until established on final approach track, unless approved by the Tower controller. This is due to possible VFR traffic operating in the control zone.

Runway 04R and 33 should not be used for landing during night times. When landing on rwy 22L, DO NOT vacate via ZG unless approved by Tower! There may be traffic at ZG waiting to cross.


Gate Usage
5-11 Nordic Regional airlines, Air Baltic, Turboprops
12-31 European flights, Schengen
32-34, 52-55 International flights, non-Schengen
Apron 1N, remote stands Medium commercial flights, Schengen
Apron 2 Cargo (heavy B744 stand 222)
Apron 3 General aviation, business (private medium stand 352)
Apron 4 Medium cargo flights, Helicopters

Addon scenery
The following addon sceneries are available for Vantaa
Mega Airport Helsinki (FSX, Prepar3D)
FISD Helsinki-Vantaa (FS2004)
EFHK Helsinki Airport Finland (X-Plane)

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