Located in Kulusuk, a settlement on an island of the same name off the shore of the North Atlantic in southeastern Greenland, the STOL approved airport is functioning as a mini-hub for Tasiilaq community.
Kulusuk is served by Air Greenland (Nuuk, Nerlerit Inaat and helicopter service to Tasiilaq) and Air Iceland (Reykjavik).
Charts for Kulusuk are available by clicking here.
Takeoff and landing at runway 11 restricted (day & night). Please refer to the state minima (ceiling and visibility) given in the AIP.
No SID/STAR/RNAV procedures established. Currently only a NDB approach is available. No radar vectoring, flights conduct in uncontrolled airspace.

Addon sceneries

FSX (freeware): Kulusuk X
FS2004 (freeware): avsim.net, search for "greenland_271248.zip"
X-Plane: Kulusuk

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