Reykjavik North West Sector

Rekjavik North-West Sector is sector covering the western third of Reykjavik OCA and all airspace north of 68º North. The sector covers all levels within the Reykjavic FIR, and FL195+ above the Sonderstrom FIR.

The North West sector does not operate a voice frequency, all communication is through the NW Iceland Radio operator. The west sector has ADS-B surveillance capability.

The main tasks of North West sector are:

  • Issuing oceanic clearances for aircraft departing Greenland aerodromes
  • Identification of aircraft flying eastbound, initially through ADSB then via radar.
  • Climb and descent for Greenland traffic

All aircraft entering Reykjavik OCA must be positively identified with a transponder code change, regardless of the actual aircraft code. To avoid duplicates, transponder codes should always be obtained here.

North West Sector is responsible for delivering Oceanic clearance to Greenland traffic when there is no local ATC available, however no other service should be provided within Sonderstrom FIR.

North West Sector and may be combined with South and East Sectors if all Reykjavik sectors are operated by a single controller.

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