Unit Overview

Reykjavik ACC (BIRD) provides an area control service within the Reykjavik FIR and delegated areas above Greenland which form the Reykjavik CTA, as well as approach control within the FAXI TMA.

Separation Minima

On IVAO, the East and South sectors are deemed to have radar coverage. The West sector has ADS-B coverage above FL195. The North sector is deemed procedural.

Minimum separation in airspace with radar / ADS-B coverage is:

  • 3 NM within 30 NM from Keflavik VOR KEF in Faxi TMA (to be used only by Keflavik and Reykjavik Approach)
  • 5 NM below FL270
  • 10 NM above FL270

Procedural separation applies in areas outside radar or ADS-B coverage, and for all transfers to adjacent ACCs, unless a radar handover is specifically coordinated with Stavanger, Bodø or Scottish.


On IVAO, Reykjavik ACC is split into 3 positions:

  • East Sector: 126.750 - Reykjavik Control
  • South Sector: 119.7 - Reykjavik Control
  • North-West Sector - Reykjavic Control*
    *voice communication to aircraft in North + West sector via radio only.

The responsibility for providing ATS in the North and West sectors is shared with Radio NW, who will relay instructions from North-West executive. North-West ACC will be responsible for the actual provision of ATS, but will not communicate directly with the pilots except via CPDLC.

Additionally, Reykjavik FIC operates 3 frequencies:

  • Radio North-West: 127.850 - Iceland Radio
  • Radio East: 126.650 - Iceland Radio
  • Radio South: 129.625 - Iceland Radio

In the North-West Sectors, Iceland Radio is a voice relay between the ACC Controller and pilots.

The East and South frequencies are solely responsible for relaying Oceanic clearances for traffic entering from Norway and UK airspace, respectively. In normal operations these frequencies are usually closed and the East sector controller issues entry clearances directly.

An overview map of the sectors is available in AIP Iceland ENR 6.1 - 5 (see the Resources and Tools page for a link to AIP Iceland).

Iceland sectors can be combined in the following configurations:

Four controllers:
  • Sector Radio North West
  • Sector Radio East + South 
  • Sector South + East 
  • Sector North* + West*
    *communication to aircraft in North + West sector via radio only.
Three controllers:
  • Sector Radio North West
  • Sector South + East
  • Sector North* + West*
    *communication to aircraft in North + West sector via radio only.
Two controllers:
  • Sector Radio North West
  • Sector South + East + North* + West*
    *communication to aircraft in North + West sector via radio only.
Single controller:
  • Sector South + East + West 

If several sectors are combined, the frequency of the bold sector shall be used as the main frequency. During high-intensity Oceanic events, the FIR Staff may further split sectors tactically. The North sector is never combined with S and E sectors and may only be opened when a dedicated radio operator is available.

Oceanic Clearance

An oceanic clearance shall be issued to all aircraft operating within the Reykjavik OCA. The oceanic clearance shall include:

  • Route
  • Flight Level
  • Mach Number
  • Time at entry point (if required)
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