Norwegian airspace consists of Norway Flight Information Region (ENOR FIR), extending across mainland Norway, and Bodø Oceanic FIR (ENOB OFIR), covering a part of the North Atlantic Ocean west and north of Norway.

Area control service within Polaris FIR is divided between three area control centres. Bodø ACC (ENBD) covers the airspace approximately north of 62°N. South of 62°N, Stavanger ACC (ENSV) provides area control in the western part of the FIR, and Oslo ACC (ENOS) provides area control service within the eastern part. Service within ENOB Oceanic FIR is provided by Bodø Oceanic area control (ENOB).

On IVAO, a fictional area control centre, Polaris vACC (ENOR), has been established to allow controllers to provide service across conventional ACC boundaries, when traffic loads permit. Two modes of operation are available: full coverage and southern coverage.

During "full coverage", ENOR vACC will provide area control service within the area of responsibilities of ENBD, ENSV and ENOS (not ENOB). The login code for this service is ENOR_CTR, and the operational frequency is 124.775 MHz.

During "southern coverage", ENOR vACC will provice service within ENSV and ENOS areas of responsibility only. From March 2019 even Norway ACC sector 18 and 19 is added to ENOR_S_CTR to cover the area around ENVA (Trondheim). This mode operates on 134.350 MHz, and the login code is ENOR_S_CTR.

Norway has only a small amount of transiting traffic; most flights in Norwegian airspace will either land or take-off at a Norwegian airport. The two busiest airports in Norway are Oslo Gardermoen, situation within ENOS area, and Bergen Flesland, situated within ENSV area.

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