Helsinki FIR

Finnish Airspace consist of Helsinki Flight Information Region (FIR), which covers the territory of Finland and some parts of the Baltic Sea.

Area control service within Helsinki FIR (EFIN) is provided by Helsinki ACC (EFIN). Free Route Airspace (called NEFAB FRA) extends from FL95 to FL660.

Finland is known for its gateway from/to Asia and therefore most of the transit traffic crosses from South West to East and vise versa.

Most traffic arriving to or departing from Finland does so via the main international airport, Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK), which is the biggest airport in Finland.

Details about area control units, Helsinki-Vantaa airport, AFIS operations and other local procedures are located in the menu to the left.

Useful documents & websites

FPL guidelines (FI)
Supplementary FPL guidelines (FI)

QNH limits used to determine Transition Level within Helsinki FIR, excluding ENKR TMA:

Transition Level QNH  Limits
FL80 943 – 959 hPa
FL75  960 –  977 hPa
FL70 978 –  995 hPa
FL65  996 –  1013 hPa
FL60  1014 –  1031 hPa
FL55  1032 –  1050 hPa
FL50  1051 –  1068 hPa

All available positions within Helsinki FIR

Service Login Code Frequency Remark
ACC EFIN_CTR 125.225 All combined
ACC EFIN_B_CTR 125.225  
ACC EFIN_G_CTR 132.725  
ACC EFIN_L_CTR 136.650  
ACC EFIN_J_CTR 126.100  
ACC EFIN_BG_CTR 125.225 B/G combined
ACC EFIN_JL_CTR 124.200 J/L combined
ACC EFIN_BGL_CTR 125.225 B/G/L combined
APP EFHK_APP 129.850 Radar combined
APP EFHK_E_APP 119.100 Radar east
APP EFHK_W_APP 129.850 Radar west
APP EFHK_F_APP 119.900 Arrival combined
APP EFHK_FE_APP 119.900 Arrival east
APP EFHK_FW_APP 124.325 Arrival west
APP EFTU_APP 120.475  
APP EFMA_APP 119.600  
APP EFPO_APP 128.650  
APP EFTP_APP 126.200  
APP EFTP_F_APP 120.250  
APP EFHA_APP 124.550  
APP EFJY_APP 127.000  
APP EFJY_F_APP 128.800  
APP EFKU_APP 130.600  
APP EFKU_F_APP 122.850  
APP EFVA_APP 125.850  
APP EFKK_APP 120.100  
APP EFOU_APP 118.150  
APP EFRO_APP 129.900  
APP EFRO_F_APP 118.600  
APP EFKT_APP 118.950  
TWR EFHK_TWR 118.600  
TWR EFHK_E_TWR 118.600  
TWR EFHK_W_TWR 118.850  
TWR* EFTU_TWR 118.300  
TWR* EFMA_TWR 119.700  
TWR* EFPO_TWR 119.250  
TWR* EFTP_TWR 118.700  
TWR** EFUT_TWR 130.800  
TWR** EFLP_TWR 120.200  
TWR** EFJO_TWR 120.900  
TWR* EFKU_TWR 120.150  
TWR* EFJY_TWR 118.000  
TWR* EFHA_TWR 128.900  
TWR* EFVA_TWR 120.950  
TWR* EFKK_TWR 119.700  
TWR* EFOU_TWR 124.400  
TWR** EFKE_TWR 119.400  
TWR EFRO_TWR 118.700  
TWR** EFKT_TWR 119.700  
AFIS EFKI_I_TWR 118.100 FIZ Lower & Upper
AFIS EFET_I_TWR 122.450 FIZ Lower & Upper
GND EFHK_GND 121.800  
GND EFHK_DEL 118.125 IFR clearance & GMC
GND EFTP_GND 124.275  
GND EFJY_GND 121.850  
GND EFRO_DEL 118.525  
MIL EFIN_MIL_CTR 132.525 Fighter Control
SUPER EFIN_FMP_CTR 125.225 Flow Management

* Position is operated as combined TWR/APP unit when APP is not in use.
** Position is operated as combined TWR/APP unit.

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