Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) is a part of ATS system in Finland and the units providing this service are called AFIS units. AFIS is available at those aerodromes in Finland, where the type and density of the air traffic does not require controlled airspace and ATC.

The purpose of AFIS is to provide information necessary for the safe and efficient conduct of flight operations in the vicinity of the aerodrome and in the maneuvering area.



At some AFIS aerodromes, ATC service may at times be provided instead of the AFIS service. This arrangement can be either permanent (AIP, AD 2) or temporary (AIP SUP). The information concerning the operational hours and the status of the service are given in NOTAMs.

ID Frequency Callsign Area of responsibility
ETFIS 122.450 Enontekiö AFIS Flight Information Zone & maneuvering area
IVFIS 118.000 Ivalo AFIS Flight Information Zone & maneuvering area
KIFIS 118.100 Kajaani AFIS Flight Information Zone & maneuvering area
KSFIS 118.650 Kuusamo AFIS Flight Information Zone & maneuvering area
KTFIS 118.950 Kittilä AFIS Flight Information Zone & maneuvering area
MIFIS 123.000 Mikkeli AFIS Flight Information Zone & maneuvering area
SAFIS 118.800 Savonlinna AFIS Flight Information Zone & maneuvering area
SIFIS 123.600 Seinäjoki AFIS Flight Information Zone & maneuvering area


The AFIS unit:

-          provides traffic information and other essential information (meteorological information, aerodrome conditions, etc.),
-          relays air traffic control clearances and route information issued by ATC units (Helsinki Control),
-          suggests runway in use for take-off and landing,
-          provides aircraft parking instructions if necessary,
-          provides alerting service.

 Specific RTF for AFIS units
… when suggesting the most suitable runway for departing or arriving aircraft:
a)      [FI] (kutsumerkki) suositeltava kiitotie (tunnus)
       [EN] (call sign) preferred runway (number)

… when AFIS unit informs the runway is free of traffic:
b)      [FI] (kutsumerkki) [liikenneilmoitus] (tuuli) kiitotie (tunnus) vapaa
       [EN] (call sign) [traffic information] (wind) runway (number) free

… when AFIS unit relays air traffic control clearances:
c)       [FI] (lennonjohtoelin) selvittää (kutsumerkki)…
       [EN] (name of unit) clears (call sing) to…

The AFIS unit requests Helsinki ACC for a route clearance / route information to be forwarded to the aircraft.
When a departing IFR aircraft is ready to depart, AFIS unit has to ask departure permission from the next ACC unit:

"Approval request (aircraft call sign) estimated departure from (significant point) at (time)."


RTF examples

Departing VFR

OH-PAM, via flight planned route to Sodankylä, VFR, ready to taxi.

OAM, traffic Cessna 172 on traffic circuit runway 34, touch and go landings, preferred runway 34, information Charlie, QNH 1011, time 33.

OAM, information Charlie, 1011, observing traffic, will taxi to holding position Alfa runway 34.

Arriving VFR

OH-PCL, 4 persons on board, endurance 1 hour, Piper 28, estimating KITKA at 27 for landing.

OCL, no essential traffic in flight information zone, preferred runway 30, information Echo, QNH 1011, transition level 55, time 17.

OCL, will join downwind runway 30 via KITKA VFR.

Departing IFR

Departing aircraft shall report the AFIS unit about intention to taxi for takeoff, selection of the runway and possible holding position and the planned route or flight track and a possible intention to make a right turn.

GAO 332, no startup restrictions, preferred runway 14, information Mike, QNH 1011, time 25. On runway 50 percent ice 2mm, estimated surface friction medium, medium, medium.

Helsinki Control clears GAO 332 to Helsinki, ULTIS T82 ORIMA, flight level 160, squawk 4233.

Arriving IFR

Arriving aircraft shall report the AFIS unit about its position, flying altitude and the estimated time of arrival to the aerodrome or above a navigation aid of the FIZ.

Finnair 4UL, passing flight level 190, descending 100, ATR 72, information Lima, 1011.

Finnair 4UL, traffic Piper 28, VFR, on traffic circuit touch and go landings, preferred runway 12, QNH 1011, transition level 55, on runway 100 percent dry snow 1mm, estimated surface friction, all thirds, good.

Finnair 4UL, observing traffic, QNH 1011, transition level 55, will make ILS approach runway 12 via ABMAX 1A arrival, descending 2400ft, estimating VALGU inbound 41.

Finnair 4UL, report VALGU inbound.


For further information regarding AFIS service in IVAO Nordic Region, click here.


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