Welcome to the Nordic Region

IVAO Nordic Region is a division of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO). We manage flight and air traffic service operations in the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Greenland and providing a social community where Nordic Region members can meet and enjoy their common hobby.

If you do not already know what IVAO is, please check out the main IVAO Website: IVAO.aero

As an IVAO division, our job is to make sure everyone visiting the virtual Nordic airspace has a great time. We provide a number of services to Nordic Region members, such as introduction and training for newcomers, planning of virtual events and real world meet-ups, and detailed information about air traffic control and flying procedures in the division.

Vestmannaeyjar Festival VFR Fly In 2017 banner 

Friday August 4th 17z - 20z:

Vestmannaeyjar Festival VFR Fly-In

Verslunarmannahelgi is the name of the annual summertime shopkeeper’s holiday. The first Þjóhátíð was held in 1874 making this Iceland’s oldest festival, celebrating the anniversary of 1,000 years of settlement of this frozen, northern outpost. The combination of geographic isolation, friendly islanders, and a wild history make this Iceland’s most fascinating festival. So what should you bring to this Viking Party Valhalla? It’s all about staying warm. Follow the local’s lead. Besides stocking up on booze (liquor stores close as early as 4pm), bring a good tent and stake it down (even then your tent might still blow away).

Your adventure starts when you begin your journey to the Vestmannaeyjar.

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