Welcome to the Nordic Region

IVAO Nordic Region is a division of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO). We manage flight and air traffic service operations in the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Greenland and providing a social community where Nordic Region members can meet and enjoy their common hobby.

If you do not already know what IVAO is, please check out the main IVAO Website: IVAO.aero

As an IVAO division, our job is to make sure everyone visiting the virtual Nordic airspace has a great time. We provide a number of services to Nordic Region members, such as introduction and training for newcomers, planning of virtual events and real world meet-ups, and detailed information about air traffic control and flying procedures in the division.

ENAT | Saturday 27 JAN | 17:00z - 20:00z

Chase The Aurora

Chase the norhern lights 2018 banner v1.0


Alta. Saturday January 27th. Probably freezing cold outside, sun rises at 09:41lt and sets 13:39lt, only 4 hours of daylight.


Alta is one on the most northernmost cities in the Nordic Region, you can find it at 69°58′40″N 23°21′50″E well above The arctic circle which runs at 66°33′47.0″N.

Every year a lot of tourists from all over the world comes to Northern Norway to experience what the fantastic nature has to offer. The northern part of our region is one of few places on earth where you can experience the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.

Help us bring the tourists up here from all over the world, or why not rent a Cessna yourself and experience the surroundings in your own way. May the Aurora be with us.


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December 08th | 18:00z - 22:00z

Stockholm Nobel Prize Fly-In

Nobel Prize Fly In 2017 banner 
The Nobel Prize dinner is probably one of the most famous dinners in the world. It has been held in the City Hall of Stockholm December 10th every year since 1901, and this year is not an exception.

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious awards one can win and people from even the swedish royal family.

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Rovaniemi X Mas Fly In 2017 banner 

December 16th | 17:00z - 22:00z

IVAO Nordic Region is proud to announce the Annual Rovaniemi X-Mas Fly-In.
EFRO Rovaniemi airport, Santa's official airport, is the place to be on December 16th,
as a massive amount of flights from all over the world will arrive here on that evening.

Our excellent Nordic controllers, who have received extra training just for this event,
are looking forward to guiding all this incoming traffic in a safe and professional manner to Rovaniemi.

Pilots are expected to have read the pilot briefing, have their Airac updated and charts on board.
And since we expect a lot of traffic, make sure to bring some additional ho-ho-holding fuel!

We look forward to see you in the Nordic skies!

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