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The International Virtual Aviation Organisation..

..short IVAO is a dedicated, independent, free of charge, service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the flight simulation community worldwide.

We provide a highly realistic environment for flight simulator pilots with traffic and air traffic control based on real world procedures. We do also perform education and training sessions.

You will find the IVAO Nordic Region website full of resources to make your online flying or controlling enjoyable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff via the forum or e-mail.

We welcome members with all levels of experience in aviation, from the seasoned pilot/controller to the desktop enthusiast. We provide comprehensive training to members on request.

News and Informations

March 31: Zürich-Copenhagen Airbridge
25.03.2015 08:10

On behalf of the Swiss and Nordic Region Divisions, we would like to invite you to our next big event:
The Zurich-Copenhagen Airbridge.


You can join us on the 31st March 2015 starting at 16:00 UTC until 20:00 UTC
and fly between these two awesome airports.
For more information or to sign up as ATC, please go to our forum.


And from 17:00 UTC til 20:00 UTC it is the Northern Online Day as well,
so bring your wings and enjoy the Nordic skies!


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