Welcome to the Nordic Region

IVAO Nordic Region is a division of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO). We manage flight and air traffic service operations in the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Greenland and providing a social community where Nordic Region members can meet and enjoy their common hobby.

If you do not already know what IVAO is, please check out the main IVAO Website: IVAO.aero

As an IVAO division, our job is to make sure everyone visiting the virtual Nordic airspace has a great time. We provide a number of services to Nordic Region members, such as introduction and training for newcomers, planning of virtual events and real world meet-ups, and detailed information about air traffic control and flying procedures in the division.

Online day

Every Sunday, Nordic Region members come together to provide a truly realistic experience for everyone visiting the virtual Nordic airspace.

We strive to open as many air traffic control stations as possible, giving you, as a pilot, the chance to visit all your favourite Nordic destinations in a busy environment.

Nordic Region Online Day 2016

Not sure where you want to fly? Check out our Destination Finder for inspiration.

Controllers wishing to participate can sign up for a position in the forum - or simply drop by, if you happen to have a few hours to spare. (Please note: you must be a Nordic Region member or hold a division GCA to control)